Julie Sanchez, Founder

My name is Julie Sanchez and in a nutshell, my job is to make your job easier. As your Virtual Assistant, I am here to offer you the “gain” from my more than 20 years of corporate experience as an executive administration and business operations specialist. In my former life as an employee of others, I was thrilled to provide professional services to entrepreneurs, closely held private firms, mid-size corporations, and large public Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. I simply love the “business of business” in all its many shapes, forms, and sizes.

Those 20 years in the corporate arena gave me a broad base of technical and soft skills that I continue to leverage today. I take no small amount of pride in being able to fully connect and partner with my clients. First and foremost, my position is one of customer service to clients based on trust. I work hard to gain a deeper understanding of my clients’ business, pain points, and areas of greatest need. We then focus together on solving the thorniest of those business challenges.

One of my favorite tasks is to provide coaching and professional development support to entrepreneurs. I absolutely understand from first-hand experience that many business owners work solo or with limited staff, and therefore do not have ready access to mentors who can provide clarity, direction, and coaching toward achievable goals. As a dedicated coaching partner, I utilize mentoring skills and active management techniques gained in the corporate world and scale them to fit the needs and desires of my clients and their companies.

I am also location independent, but what in the world does that mean? Simply that I can partner with individuals and businesses regardless of their physical location. I get to live where I want, you get to work where you want, and best of all we get to work together without the need to actually sit next to one another! Technology is truly a wonderful thing.

In my spare time, I am an avid reader, writer, hiker and all-around sports enthusiast. I currently make my home on the Central Coast of California but travel the world in search of adventure. To date, I have visited more than 22 of the United States, 16 islands in the Caribbean and Bahamas, at least 10 countries in Europe, six states in Mexico, three countries in Central and South America, one province in Canada, and spent one blissful month in Australia.


Julie always impressed me with her ability to learn very quickly, to step right in and meet any challenge, along with the ability to recommend changes to increase productivity. I highly recommend Julie, not only for her business skills, but also for her ability to relate to both sides of a given situation and create the best balance possible. She is highly intelligent, inventive, creative, fair, reliable and very dedicated to her profession, always ensuring to stay ahead of the curve through self-learning. I can sincerely say it would be a pleasure to work with Julie again.

-K.C., Santa Barbara Infrared

Julie managed a lean but effective administrative services department in my office, and she and her team provided excellent critical project administration support to my projects. In a fast-paced and demanding setting, Julie delivers and conducts herself well under high-pressure situations. She provided budget and accounting support using our complicated and at times non-intuitive accounting platform to meet our timely billing, invoicing, and financial reporting requirements. She quickly understands the company administrative structure, and expedited numerous corporate requests and individualized contractual agreements for me that facilitated my projects work. Julie conducts herself professionally and without drama. I deeply respect Julie and find her to be an invaluable member to have on a team.

-J.W., URS Corporation

Julie was an exceptional executive assistant and project coordinator in a highly complex and dynamic organization. She gathered information, asked relevant questions, learned about each of the functions within my organization and assumed responsibility not only for the administrative aspects of work for which she was hired, but also other areas in which we needed project support, e.g., remote and local meeting planning, communications, budget tracking, graphics, complex program scheduling across multiple time zones and cultures, and more. Her critical thinking skills allowed her to assess needs and recommend solutions, and her “can do” attitude resulted in consistent, flawless execution. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

-G.S.R, Amgen Inc.

As impressed as I was by Julie’s intelligence and obvious natural skills at Business Operations, I was most happy to find in her the rarest of qualities, and one that every manager seeks in the people he or she supervises: accountability. Not only was Julie remarkably task-oriented, but accepted personal accountability for her work: either she would succeed at the task in front of her, or seek out the resources and support that was needed in order to do so. Any organization would benefit from such a motivated and talented individual, and I am pleased to be able to recommend her.


Julie Sanchez is detail oriented, highly intelligent, thinks outside the box and can come into a meeting with fresh ideas and a plan to move the problem forward to a satisfactory conclusion. Her ideas for cutting red tape and getting a clear cut answer to problems is refreshing. Her people management skill are A++.

-P.K., KFT Property Management

Julie worked for the executive team as our Executive Assistant and my special projects manager.  She is the best EA I have encountered in my past 30 years in business and government. I highly endorse Julie for any executive position that requires a mature appreciation for the needs and requirements of an executive team, confidential problem resolution, executive communication development, original presentations, and companywide program implementations.  Her abilities as a program manager for special projects with executive and senior company officer involvement is unmatched and flawless.  She is the best of the best and a top line performer.

-M.J.P., REC Solar

It was a pleasure working with Julie. Julie was a consummate professional who always represented our company in a positive and accurate manner. Her exceptional organizational and managerial skills allowed us to leverage her time, and thus, Julie ended up supporting two executives. Julie is a self-starter who will get the job done and do it correctly the first time. Julie was a great asset for us and any company would be fortunate to have her on their team.

-D.B., Homestore / Move.com

Julie is extremely proactive and always actively engaged in helping the team meet its objectives. She developed many creative and useful systems that significantly improved productivity, including a project tracking system that she used to regularly update the team on project status. Julie always performed her various duties with enthusiasm and good humor, never hesitating to improve on her past efforts.

-S.G., Amgen Inc.