Growing Pains

Scenario #2

  • The good news is your business is booming; the bad news is that you can’t keep up with demands on your time and energy.
  • You have an established business and maybe even some employees who are dedicated to your success, but you are not looking to bring on more full time staff.
  • You need a team of others who can help “fill in the gaps” as needed with general administrative functions.
  • You have a Web page, with some social media accounts and perhaps a blog, but the content is stale and you and your staff are too busy to refine, refresh, and update regularly.
  • You may need to create some written policies and procedures (Company Handbook, HR, Safety, Expense Reporting, etc.) to help streamline your business, but you are not sure what you need and don’t even know where to start.
  • You would like to develop some training that supports your written policies and your business.