Overwhelmed Professional

Scenario #4

  • You are a busy professional who has a full time staff in your office, but wish you had some staff at home.
  • You would love for someone to help you organize your home office, manage your personal email inbox, or help order and send gifts and cards to friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • You may have kids that are going in seven different directions, a spouse/partner who is going in the eighth direction, a dog who doesn’t recognize you, and you need to have one family calendar that shows what’s happening when so you can all be in the right place at the right time.
  • You would love to take a vacation with your busy family, but don’t have time or the energy to invest in planning and organizing a trip that will satisfy everyone.
  • For you, even thinking about trying to “organize” your life is more stressful than being disorganized in the first place; you just can’t think about it.