Each client of Venturoso Partners is unique with different needs and business situations. Your requirements may be consistent, such as the desire to have someone provide predictable ongoing social media management. Or your needs may be time specific, and you just require someone to pitch in to help you and your team take a project across the finish line. Whatever your requirements are as the client, rest assured that we will partner with you to provide the services you want, at the time you need them, for a price that is transparent with no surprises.

Because we want to ensure that we offer you exactly the services you need at a competitive price that offers outstanding value, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. During your personal 30-minute consult, we will work with you to understand your most pressing pain points and discuss an initial plan and budget. To maximize our consult time, we will send you a checklist in advance to get you started down the path to a successful working relationship with Venturoso Partners.

Sample Social Media Management Package

At Venturoso Partners, we create specific service packages for each client based on a monthly billing cycle. While your Virtual Assistant will develop a plan that is customized for your business, as an example a monthly Social Media Management package may look like this:

  1. One review per month of your Web site to check for broken links, typos, and other errors
  2. One review of your Web site per month to refresh and optimize SEO
  3. Two original blog posts per month, content to be approved by client
  4. Two repurposed blog posts per month, sourced from client specified topics or providers
  5. Two original social media posts per week (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram); additional social media posts available for additional cost per post
  6. Active collection and management of contacts and inquiries generated from Web site, blog, and social media sites; email contact list refreshed once per month, provided as Excel spreadsheet

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Remember our motto: Our job is to make your job easier.